Wilderness Survival Skills

Survival skills are techniques that an individual or a group of individuals may use in a survival situation to help themselves survive. They are basically meant to help survivors find food, water, and shelter. These survival techniques are also intended to provide the mental qualities that are necessary when you have to deal with deadly situations, especially those that may involve other people or wild animals.

There have been many unbelievable, but true survival stories, which clearly show that humans can endure just about anything.

“How a Man Survived Without Food For Two Months in a Snow-Buried Car 

Survival techniques range from knowing how to build a survival shelter, sourcing for food and water, defense techniques to knowing how to make primitive tools and weapons.   

“Basic Wilderness Survival Skills | FUNKY PICKENS
 For those beginners interested in using the outdoors there is unlimited information on wilderness survival skills and equipment available. However, experience is the best teacher in any outdoor situation and your reaction in a …”

Keep in mind that after a disaster, you may find that you need to rely on yourself to survive. This is when having some survival skills proves to be extremely valuable. 

David Theoden


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