Constructing Survival Shelter

There are several different types of primitive survival
. The simplest of these to build is known as a debris hut or a
lean-to survival shelter.

This kind of primitive survival shelter requires simple materials, which you can effortlessly find in your surroundings such as completely dry leaves
and pieces of wood. Keep in mind that constructing survival shelter is only essential
when you are taking refuge in the wild.

Take a look at this video which explains how you can construct a survival shelter.

“14 best survival shelters | Patriot Headquarters Blog
 I’ve managed to track down a U.S. Army Survival Manual. If you check out pages 38-52, you’ll find instructions on how to build a variety of survival shelters. Depending on how much material you have, what your surroundings are and from …”

In a survival situation, your first main concern is staying
hydrated and warm. This is due to the fact that going for 3 days without water and being
exposed to the elements for the very same amount of time could lead to death. To ensure your survival, your very first priority should be to find water and build a survival shelter.

David Theoden


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