Survival Fire: How to light a fire using the hand drill method

One of the most important survival skills is to
know how you can light fire. There are a number of fire lighting techniques, but the easiest of them all is the hand drill technique. This is the most conventional method of lighting a fire when you do not have a fire lighter. It simply requires
the use of hands to apply friction in high speed on a piece of timber.

“Friction Based Fire Creating Techniques: | All things Survival and a …
 This will be your fire-board. The spindle will need to be a hardwood, like Oak, Maple, Ash, or Walnut. The hardest method of making a fire by friction, is by use of a Hand Drill. It works best in extremely dry environments such as a desert setting. … Next, you will place the spindle in the smaller notch on the fire-board and begin to roll the spindle in between your palms, working from the top down, with a light pressure on the spindle’s shaft, then placing both hands at the …”

Below is an instructional
video that describes how you can light fire using the hand drill method. Keep in mind that in a survival situation, your first main concerns should be warmth and staying hydrated.There are a lot of fire lighting techniques and one should know at least one technique of lighting a fire, especially when you do not have a lighter or matches. 

David Theoden


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