Teach Your Kids These Basic Survival Skills

Preppers that have families know the importance of prepping according to each family member’s needs, and whereas it is crucial that every family member have their very own survival kit, its also equally important for each of them to acquire some basic survival skills.

Survival situations are high risk situations where unexpected things may occur. For instance, you may find yourself needing to fight off an assailant to protect your family and your supplies. You could end up winning the battle, but not without sustaining a serious injury that could leave you incapacitated, unable to undertake even a simple task. In this case you will need your children to take up on some tasks such as hunting and trapping food, lighting a fire, constructing survival shelter just to name a few.

If your kids have these basic survival skills, the whole family unit collectively is able to greatly improve their chances of survival. These skills are simple and easy to learn. 

Personally, I would teach my children the following;

1. The hand-drill method of lighting a fire.

2. Constructing a simple survival shelter using grass, sticks, and debris.

3. Setting up simple traps to catch small animals.

4. How to shoot with a bow and arrow (some parents may be willing to teach their kids how to shoot a gun).

5. How to signal.

6. How to use certain simple tools.

7. How to give first aid.

8. How to keep warm.

9. How to find drinking water.

10. How to remain calm. 

“OutsideMom.com | Wilderness ‘survival’ skills for young children

Every outdoor child should be equipped with a few basic outdoor skills, (mostly to combat an inevitable freak out) along with a little ‘survival kit’ to keep in their backpack. If your kids are older you can make them this more …10

Survival Skills Every 12 Year Old Should Know | Mom with a Prep

 After viewing the video from SNOmultimedia on what his top 5 survival skills are for kids, I wanted to expand on that to 10 Survival Skills every 12 year old should know – the Mom with a Prep version – and be sure to check out this version by Jennifer from Are We … If ever your child is caught in an active shooter situation, a mob experience or being chased by the neighborhood bully or bad guy, does your child know how to decide if they should run, hide or fightback?”

There are many more survival skills that you can teach your children. Do not just equip your family with survival supplies, but also the knowledge necessary to survive. You never know what might happen, if your children are equipped with some basic survival skills, this may prove to be extremely crucial to the survival of the entire family. 

David Theoden


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