5 Key Survival Skills that You Should Master

Survival knowledge is the best alternative to not
having a survival kit. Survival skills are simple to learn and acquire and most
importantly, they are incredibly beneficial in a survival situation.

There are a lot of survival skills that a person could acquire;
however the most essential ones are as follows;

a survival shelter

A survival shelter will protect you from extreme
sunlight, wind, snow or rainfall. You can use various materials found in your
surroundings such as leaves, and pieces of wood to build your shelter. You
might also want to gather enough leaves for your ‘bed’.

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 Extreme temperatures are harsh on the body, so the skill of creating a debris hut is valuable in an outdoor survival emergency. To make a debris hut for shelter, begin with a fallen tree or pole that is about 1.5 to 2 times your”

a fire

Building a fire will help you stay warm, cook, or
dry clothes. Lighting a fire can be a
bit tricky, especially if you are not equipped with a lighter or matches;
however, you can easily light a fire using the hand-drill method, which is one
of the easiest ways to make a fire.

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 Here are the three methods of friction based fire making. Hand Drill The hand drill method is the same as the Bow And Drill except there’s no bow. Just your hands. This method takes sheer determination. With this and the Fire Plough, as soon…”

clean water

Human beings are resilient and they can survive for
weeks without food; however, you can only survive just a few days without
water. Keep in mind that both hot and cold climates will get you dehydrated;
therefore, look for water sources around you like a river, stream or lake. Make
sure to boil this water before drinking it.


There are several ways in which you can get food,
and that is by fishing, trapping, and hunting. Each of these methods requires certain
tools, some basic techniques, and great patience. You may also dig out edible
roots and catch edible bugs for food. Avoid eating plants that you are not sure
whether they are edible or harmful. Only eat those plants that you are certain
will not cause harm to your body.

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Learn how to give first aid and treat wounds, cuts, broken bones, and many other minor injuries. If you sustain an injury or someone in your group or family
member does, it is imperative that you treat the injury immediately, because in
a survival situation this could mean life or death. Injuries like wounds and cuts
tend to get infected if not properly treated, which could lead to further
complications. Knowing how to give proper first aid and how to treat an injury properly, can literally save the
injured person’s life.

David Theoden


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