Survival Skills: Bow Hunting

For hundreds of centuries, people have used bow hunting, a technique where you shoot an arrow from a bow, to hunt game animals for meat. In those days, people used wooden arrows and bows. Today, the bows and arrows are more sophisticated and are made of materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon.

The art of bow hunting is delicate. To be a good bow hunter, you need to know how to aim directly at your kill. You also need to be extremely quiet as you are approaching your kill, otherwise, even the slightest noise will chase away your game. Furthermore, factors like weather, how far you are from your kill, the terrain, the arrow, and strength of your bow need to be taken into consideration, if you are to shoot effectively and make a quick clean kill.  

Bow hunting is an important survival skill. In wilderness survival, this skill will help you hunt for food, whether it may be big game or small animals. However, note that you catch small animals by laying traps, bow hunting is better used for big game. 


Bow Hunting Techniques

1. Still hunting – This when a bow hunter walks around his hunting ground slowly, looking for animal game. Once he has found game, he needs to stalk it until he is able to make a kill. 

2. Stand hunting – This is when a bow hunter quietly waits for his game, normally near water, food or known trails. His best tactic is to camouflage himself using natural materials to avoid being seen. This approach requires a great deal of patience.

Video: Bow hunting deer

“The Move: Bow Hunting Stillhunting – GolfMag Connect

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Bow Hunting Techniques and Strategies – Tips for hunting

 If you are a flexible hunter, you would probably want to experiment with bow hunting. It is simply the art of employing archery in killing game animals. Bow is one of the hunting tools in the weapon arsenal of the modern-day …”

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