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Survival Skills: Bow Hunting

For hundreds of centuries, people have used bow hunting, a technique where you shoot an arrow from a bow, to hunt game animals for meat. In those days, people used wooden arrows and bows. Today, the bows and arrows are more sophisticated and are made of materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon.

The art of bow hunting is delicate. To be a good bow hunter, you need to know how to aim directly at your kill. You also need to be extremely quiet as you are approaching your kill, otherwise, even the slightest noise will chase away your game. Furthermore, factors like weather, how far you are from your kill, the terrain, the arrow, and strength of your bow need to be taken into consideration, if you are to shoot effectively and make a quick clean kill.  

Bow hunting is an important survival skill. In wilderness survival, this skill will help you hunt for food, whether it may be big game or small animals. However, note that you catch small animals by laying traps, bow hunting is better used for big game. 


Bow Hunting Techniques

1. Still hunting – This when a bow hunter walks around his hunting ground slowly, looking for animal game. Once he has found game, he needs to stalk it until he is able to make a kill. 

2. Stand hunting – This is when a bow hunter quietly waits for his game, normally near water, food or known trails. His best tactic is to camouflage himself using natural materials to avoid being seen. This approach requires a great deal of patience.

Video: Bow hunting deer

“The Move: Bow Hunting Stillhunting – GolfMag Connect

Bow Hunting season is over and select the right Bow Hunting techniques. If you’re committed to taking early season bachelor bucks in the wilds seeing, experiencing, reading signs, but during the 1990 season. It is truly the …

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 If you are a flexible hunter, you would probably want to experiment with bow hunting. It is simply the art of employing archery in killing game animals. Bow is one of the hunting tools in the weapon arsenal of the modern-day …”

How it was done

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5 Key Survival Skills that You Should Master

Survival knowledge is the best alternative to not
having a survival kit. Survival skills are simple to learn and acquire and most
importantly, they are incredibly beneficial in a survival situation.

There are a lot of survival skills that a person could acquire;
however the most essential ones are as follows;

a survival shelter

A survival shelter will protect you from extreme
sunlight, wind, snow or rainfall. You can use various materials found in your
surroundings such as leaves, and pieces of wood to build your shelter. You
might also want to gather enough leaves for your ‘bed’.

Read more:How to Make a Debris Hut Shelter for Survival in the Wilderness …

 Extreme temperatures are harsh on the body, so the skill of creating a debris hut is valuable in an outdoor survival emergency. To make a debris hut for shelter, begin with a fallen tree or pole that is about 1.5 to 2 times your”

a fire

Building a fire will help you stay warm, cook, or
dry clothes. Lighting a fire can be a
bit tricky, especially if you are not equipped with a lighter or matches;
however, you can easily light a fire using the hand-drill method, which is one
of the easiest ways to make a fire.

14 Crazy Ways To Light A Campfire…. Without A Match. | Survival …
 Here are the three methods of friction based fire making. Hand Drill The hand drill method is the same as the Bow And Drill except there’s no bow. Just your hands. This method takes sheer determination. With this and the Fire Plough, as soon…”

clean water

Human beings are resilient and they can survive for
weeks without food; however, you can only survive just a few days without
water. Keep in mind that both hot and cold climates will get you dehydrated;
therefore, look for water sources around you like a river, stream or lake. Make
sure to boil this water before drinking it.


There are several ways in which you can get food,
and that is by fishing, trapping, and hunting. Each of these methods requires certain
tools, some basic techniques, and great patience. You may also dig out edible
roots and catch edible bugs for food. Avoid eating plants that you are not sure
whether they are edible or harmful. Only eat those plants that you are certain
will not cause harm to your body.

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Learn how to give first aid and treat wounds, cuts, broken bones, and many other minor injuries. If you sustain an injury or someone in your group or family
member does, it is imperative that you treat the injury immediately, because in
a survival situation this could mean life or death. Injuries like wounds and cuts
tend to get infected if not properly treated, which could lead to further
complications. Knowing how to give proper first aid and how to treat an injury properly, can literally save the
injured person’s life.

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Teach Your Kids These Basic Survival Skills

Preppers that have families know the importance of prepping according to each family member’s needs, and whereas it is crucial that every family member have their very own survival kit, its also equally important for each of them to acquire some basic survival skills.

Survival situations are high risk situations where unexpected things may occur. For instance, you may find yourself needing to fight off an assailant to protect your family and your supplies. You could end up winning the battle, but not without sustaining a serious injury that could leave you incapacitated, unable to undertake even a simple task. In this case you will need your children to take up on some tasks such as hunting and trapping food, lighting a fire, constructing survival shelter just to name a few.

If your kids have these basic survival skills, the whole family unit collectively is able to greatly improve their chances of survival. These skills are simple and easy to learn. 

Personally, I would teach my children the following;

1. The hand-drill method of lighting a fire.

2. Constructing a simple survival shelter using grass, sticks, and debris.

3. Setting up simple traps to catch small animals.

4. How to shoot with a bow and arrow (some parents may be willing to teach their kids how to shoot a gun).

5. How to signal.

6. How to use certain simple tools.

7. How to give first aid.

8. How to keep warm.

9. How to find drinking water.

10. How to remain calm. 

“ | Wilderness ‘survival’ skills for young children

Every outdoor child should be equipped with a few basic outdoor skills, (mostly to combat an inevitable freak out) along with a little ‘survival kit’ to keep in their backpack. If your kids are older you can make them this more …10

Survival Skills Every 12 Year Old Should Know | Mom with a Prep

 After viewing the video from SNOmultimedia on what his top 5 survival skills are for kids, I wanted to expand on that to 10 Survival Skills every 12 year old should know – the Mom with a Prep version – and be sure to check out this version by Jennifer from Are We … If ever your child is caught in an active shooter situation, a mob experience or being chased by the neighborhood bully or bad guy, does your child know how to decide if they should run, hide or fightback?”

There are many more survival skills that you can teach your children. Do not just equip your family with survival supplies, but also the knowledge necessary to survive. You never know what might happen, if your children are equipped with some basic survival skills, this may prove to be extremely crucial to the survival of the entire family. 

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Survival Fire: How to light a fire using the hand drill method

One of the most important survival skills is to
know how you can light fire. There are a number of fire lighting techniques, but the easiest of them all is the hand drill technique. This is the most conventional method of lighting a fire when you do not have a fire lighter. It simply requires
the use of hands to apply friction in high speed on a piece of timber.

“Friction Based Fire Creating Techniques: | All things Survival and a …
 This will be your fire-board. The spindle will need to be a hardwood, like Oak, Maple, Ash, or Walnut. The hardest method of making a fire by friction, is by use of a Hand Drill. It works best in extremely dry environments such as a desert setting. … Next, you will place the spindle in the smaller notch on the fire-board and begin to roll the spindle in between your palms, working from the top down, with a light pressure on the spindle’s shaft, then placing both hands at the …”

Below is an instructional
video that describes how you can light fire using the hand drill method. Keep in mind that in a survival situation, your first main concerns should be warmth and staying hydrated.There are a lot of fire lighting techniques and one should know at least one technique of lighting a fire, especially when you do not have a lighter or matches. 

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DIY Alternative Energy

The need for electrical power is
quickly increasing worldwide. Every day, people
are making use of more energy, owing to an increased and significant
use of house appliances and electronic gadgets. For
that reason, there is a need to look at alternative energy sources to
fulfill the ever-increasing demand.

For the longest time, people have been
making use of alternative energy,
particularly sunlight to power their
homes or cook their food. Nevertheless, many
alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar power, and
hydro-electric power are providing sufficient
amounts of energy. Although these energy sources have their
limitations, they also have many more benefits over nonrenewable fuel sources.

For more information, and to learn how to generate electricity yourself at home, check out these articles:

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Homemade Alternative energy

The demand for electrical power is
rapidly multiplying worldwide. Every day, people
are utilizing more energy, owing to an increased and considerable
use of house appliances and electronic gadgets. Therefore, there is a need to look at alternative energy sources to
meet the ever-increasing demand.

For the longest time, people have been
utilizing alternative energy,
especially sunlight to power their
homes or cook their food. Nonetheless, many
alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar power, and
hydro-electric power are providing adequate
amounts of energy. Although these energy sources have their
limitations, they also have many more benefits over nonrenewable fuel sources.

For more information, and to learn how to generate electricity yourself at home, check out these articles:

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Constructing Survival Shelter

There are several different types of primitive survival
. The simplest of these to build is known as a debris hut or a
lean-to survival shelter.

This kind of primitive survival shelter requires simple materials, which you can effortlessly find in your surroundings such as completely dry leaves
and pieces of wood. Keep in mind that constructing survival shelter is only essential
when you are taking refuge in the wild.

Take a look at this video which explains how you can construct a survival shelter.

“14 best survival shelters | Patriot Headquarters Blog
 I’ve managed to track down a U.S. Army Survival Manual. If you check out pages 38-52, you’ll find instructions on how to build a variety of survival shelters. Depending on how much material you have, what your surroundings are and from …”

In a survival situation, your first main concern is staying
hydrated and warm. This is due to the fact that going for 3 days without water and being
exposed to the elements for the very same amount of time could lead to death. To ensure your survival, your very first priority should be to find water and build a survival shelter.

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